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ARUN is a company which integrates research and development, manufacturing and sales. We have customers from all over China and over 50 overseas countries and areas.

ARUN is a growing giant in the manufacturing industry of communication accessories. We have developed a long-term development strategy in line with business reality and scientific orientation. The basic development strategy in the future is the overall planning of the communication accessories manufacturing.We aim to keep our foothold on China but make our products popular among all over the world. Internally, we practice management strategy, lower production cost, increase econnomic profit and continually foster our core competence, core business and core talents. Externally, we base on the strategy of low cost expansion and adjust the business structure through merger, acquisition, and new construction. We take full advantage of our experience and talent resources to expand our business fields - being dominated by communication accessories manufacturing and gradually opening up new fields such as information. internet, and science, etc. We dedicate to becoming one of the most competitive enterprises of communication accessories in south China.
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Address:Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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